2019 Don’t Pick Your Partner – Reminder!!!
Posted: October 3, 2019



Entry closes Friday 11th October 

Commences Tuesday 15th October
Finals on Friday 29th November

Please don’t enter unless available for Finals Night

First Round – Tue 15 Oct – Sun 10 Nov
Second Round – to be finished by Tue 19 Nov
Semi Finals – to be finished by Wed 27 Nov

Entry is online via Tennis Ireland Tournament Software link below which
includes all Rules & Regulations:



Any queries, email:   tennis@clontarfltc.com


If you have never registered with Tennis Ireland Tournament Software, you will need

to follow the steps below.  Once registered, you will then be able to register for the Don’t Pick Your Partner event.

How to Register with Tennis Ireland User Guide:
1.1. Get a Tennis Ireland Login (Note-creating this login will enable you enter any future CLTC and other club open tournaments)

Click on https://clontarfltc.us15.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1769d43466292e36db10a39fd&id=738c57bf60&e=1c37a7ed0c

1.2 Agree to Rules and Regulations.
1.3 Fill in Personal Information and Contact Information.
1.4 Select Province as “Leinster” and select Club as “Clontarf  LTC”.
1.5 Create login name and password (keep a record of these for entering future tournaments).
1.6 Provide email details.
1.7 Submit.
1.8 You should receive email confirmation immediately.
1.9 Please click activation link in that email to activate your account.