2020 Child Protection Policy, Procedures and Codes of Conduct
Posted: April 8, 2020

Clontarf Lawn Tennis Club has adopted and implemented the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport as set out by Tennis Ireland…


Please find below, Clontarf Lawn Tennis Club’s policies relating to Child Protection, Appendices, Codes of Conduct and Child-Related Polices and contacts:

Child Protection Officer – Maria O’Callaghan (086 2360053) 

Designated Liaison Person – Trevor Lonergan (087 2434956)

CLTC Child Protection Policy 2020

Appendix 1 Club Childrens Officers 2020

Appendix 2 CLTC Code of Conduct (incl. Form 1) 2020

Appendix 3 Code of Conduct for Children

Appendix 4 Code of Conduct for Parents and Guardians

Appendix 6 Club Complaints Procedure

Appendix 6 Club Complaints Procedure

Appendix 7 – Roles and Responsibilities – Child Protection Officer

Appendix 7 – Roles and Responsibilities – President and Committee are available from the Club.

Appendix 8 Child Protection Undertaking

Appendix 9 Travel and Hosting Policy

Appendix 10 Adult Supervision of Childrens Activities

Appendix 10.2 – Form 3 Parental Consent Form

Appendix 11 – Club Rules 2020

Appendix 12A Code of Ethics – Content

Appendix 12B Code of Ethics – Principles

Appendix 12C Code of Ethics – People

Appendix 12D Code of Ethics Policy and Procedures

Appendix 12E Code of Ethics Practice

Appendix 12F Code of Ethics – Protection

Appendix 12G Code of Ethics – Appendices

Appendix 13 Children First Document

Appendix 14 -Tennis Ireland Complaints Procedure Guidelines

Appendix 15 Our Duty to Care

Appendix 16 Child Welfare and Protection Procedures 2020

Appendix 17 Bullying Policy

Appendix 18 Social Media Policy

Appendix 19 Mental Wellbeing Policy

Appendix 20 List of Forms

Appendix 21 Photos & Video-Footage

Appendix 22 Missing Child -Persons Policy