Clontarf LTC Dublin Orthodontics Junior Summer Championships 2021
Posted: August 11, 2021

Clontarf LTC Dublin Orthodontics Junior Summer Championships 2021

The Junior Championships draws are now up on the Tennis Ireland tournament software. We hope everyone taking part enjoys some healthy competition and have a bit of fun.
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U8s, U9s and U10s
Under Covid guidelines all U10s must have a guardian on the premises during play. We encourage support but would appreciate if guardians could refrain from standing at the back of the courts during play as players can find it off putting.
The U8s will play at 11am on Thursday 19th and the U9s at 10am, this is a round robin format. Umpires will be present to help the juniors keep score.

U12s, U14s and U16s
All other age groups U12s U14s and U16s will be given a time to play on the software.
Fiona, Donal and JDC will be present on the day to allocate their court.
All players need to report their results to Donal or Fiona following their match.

Some players have been entered into extra events where there was a shortage of partners so check the schedule carefully.

Check the schedule daily for updates. This is important.

Follow the link to see the schedule

Best of luck everyone! And enjoy!

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