A message from our President
Posted: July 23, 2021

Hi all,

Its great to see so many members enjoying tennis, the balcony and the beautiful weather for both.

I just wanted to provide a brief update to members on a couple of items.

Court Booking System utilization:
The Executive are gathering feedback on the courts booking system as I write. We do understand that it is a somewhat divisive issue with some members very much against it and others very much in favour. And, of course, the plan, as promised at the AGM, is to run some form of ballot on its permanent adoption (or not) when it’s had a reasonable time trial and when current ‘contact tracing’ requirements are finally relaxed.

Overall, the feedback is quite positive as members get more comfortable using the system – the certainty around game times is welcome by most and with the RR roll out that familiarity should only increase.

Feedback has been steady and is welcome, whatever your view of it. If we can improve it, let us know.

Some housekeeping though – its clear that not all members are filling in their bookings fully – singles booked but doubles playing or bookings not altered for late subs would be the main ‘offences’. Neither of these would matter as much in normal times but one of the driving forces behind the system was the need to be able to trace contacts and incorrect information just makes that task, if its needed, more difficult. It also affects the ability of the system to provide accurate metrics on court usage and availability. As of now we have a waiting list of new member applicants because of pressure on courts. The more accurate visibility we have on court usage the better we can judge what our maximum membership number is.

More significant is when courts are booked but not used. This is admittedly rare and usually weather related, such that unused booked courts would not be in demand anyway because of poor weather but its Clontarf, some will play when others would not, so can I ask members to please:

1; Cancel your booking if you are not going to play for whatever reason, no matter how late – its only fair to your fellow members.
2; Take the extra minute or two to make your booking accurate please and if you bring in a late replacement make the late amendment to the booking even if you have to do it courtside.

Our Ex-Manager Louise is currently enjoying a well-earned holiday in Portugal while VP Karen, former Pres Vinny and I have been busy recruiting a replacement.

We had over 25 applications, we’ve had email or in person interviews with about 10 which was reduced to a shortlist of 4. We’ve made an offer to our preferred candidate and hope to be introducing our new club manager early next week.

Garrett Connolly