Bar Re-opening Update
Posted: August 19, 2021

The CLTC Executive Committee are delighted to announce that the Club’s Main Bar will be re-opening on a limited basis during the Summer Championships.

To comply with current government regulations on indoor hospitality, we are adopting the procedures below.  Any member that does not wish to show their EUDCC or other official documentation are invited to continue to enjoy our facilities on the balcony and in the “Courthouse” which has recently been fitted out with new picnic tables.

Verification of EU Digital Covid Certs / Other Official Documentation:

  • To expedite the process/queues entering the bar, an optional pre-check system has been set up.
  • On Monday and Tuesday, 23rd and 24th August (8pm to 10:30pm), members can present their EU Digital Covid Cert (EUDCC) or other official “proof of immunity” at a check in desk in the main bar.
  • Once verified, a non-transferrable CLTC sticker will be applied to your membership card.
  • You will also be added to a list that can be checked in case you lose or forget your membership card.

Re-Opening of the Main Bar (Dates to be Announced):

  • Entry to the main Bar will be on a walk-in, first-come/first-served basis. No reserving of tables will be allowed. Numbers will be limited to ensure the required social distancing is provided, so you may have to wait in line for a table.
  • Masks must be worn when entering and at all times while in the Main Bar except for when you are seated at your table. It will be table service only.
  • A check-in desk will be set up at the main bar entrance. You will be required to show either your CLTC sticker, your EUDCC or other official ‘proof of immunity’ documentation.
  • The date of entry, your name and membership number along with the person checking you in will be recorded and kept on file for 28 days.
  • Tables in the bar will be kept at 2 metre distancing. Therefore, there will be no time limit on how long you can stay at your table.
  • If you cannot provide proof of immunity as required by current regulations, you will not be permitted entry to the indoor bar; but you may continue to enjoy our balcony and courthouse seating.
  • The bar will be closed promptly at 11:30 pm.

We would ask all members to please respect these procedures and to remind you that volunteers are performing these checks, as required by government regulations, on behalf of your club.