CLTC Gym Usage Application & Waiver
Posted: June 24, 2019

All users of the CLTC Gym :

  1. Must be fully paid-up club members of 18 years and over *
  2. Must attend a CLTC Gym Orientation session with the Club’s Personal Trainer
  3. Must secure their own personal satisfaction of their own medical fitness and gym usage competence
  4. Must complete a CLTC Gym Usage Application Form and sign the waiver
  5. *Over 16 & under 18 years members must have a parent/guardian sign their Application Form and waiver
  6. *Over 16 & under 18 years members must attend an orientation session provided by our CLTC approved Personal Trainer.  After that orientation session, and separate to this orientation session, it is required that these members purchase (at their own cost) an agreed number of Training sessions with our Personal Trainer

CLTC Gym Application & Waiver can be downloaded in the following link :

CLTC Gym Usage & Rules