Court Availability w/c 14/10/2018
Posted: October 15, 2018

Details of court usage is now available and updated regularly under the Calendar section.

The following courts will be required this week-

  •        Seniors League Semi-Finals:         Sunday 14th October
  •                                                                      3 courts required at 11am and at 2pm   
  •        Junior League:                                   9 courts required at 4pm & 5:30pm
  •       Mens Floodlight League:                 3 courts at 7:30pm on Monday 15th October
  •       Ladies Floodlight League:               3 courts at 6:45pm on Tuesday 16th October 
  •       Ladies Floodlight League:               3 courts at 7:00pm on Tuesday 16th October
  •       Ladies Floodlight League:               3 courts at 8:15pm on Tuesday 16th October                                                                

Best of luck to all members playing on behalf of CLTC !!

New Members Night – every Thursday from 8pm to 9pm – 3 courts required