Court Availability – October 2020
Posted: October 12, 2020

As members routines, work patterns and social lives have changed due to COVID19 and Level 3 restrictions, the courts are getting plenty of use!

Please check the Website Calendar and Notice on the Check-In Desk for details of some Court Requirements. 

The early evenings are particularly busy, but weekdays between 10:15 to 13:45 the courts tend to be quiet, so it’s an ideal time to avail of the courts if that time frame suits some members.

Please remember when attending the Club to follow the Player Guidelines. Once two players have arrived, write ALL Players Names,  1 CLTC Membership No. on the Court Booking Sheet for contact tracing and the Court Number and On/Off times.  If there is a delay for courts, members are asked to wait in their cars or in the designated area behind Court 4 and not in the Club Lobby.

Thank You For Your Co-Operationl