Posted: January 27, 2022

The Executive met last night to make final preparations for the upcoming AGM. While together, we reviewed our court booking /usage statistics. Thanks to Captain Mark, Manager Paul & Barry Doyle who did some really fine analysis of our court usage and cancellations over the past 3 months.

Findings from their analysis of peak booking times (Monday – Thursday, 6 – 9 pm) showed that total cancellations have decreased by 54% from December to January. During that same period, cancellations within 2 hours of a booked court time decreased by 76%.  Overall peak hours court usage is significantly up. The system is working far better, the booking of ‘just in case’ courts appears to have reduced and cancellations are being made much earlier giving other members a chance to use the cancelled court slot.  In summary, there is far less wastage of peak court hours because of late cancellations.

We are unsure whether this improvement was due to the change from the number of lead bookings each member was allowed to have from 3 to 2 or to other factors. However, this change was always meant to be temporary. Therefore, effective immediately, the lead bookers ‘allowance’ is restored from 2 to 3.

The Club Manager and Executive will continue to monitor court availability and usage on a weekly basis so that court usage is maximized for all members.