Court Online Booking System – Important Notice
Posted: June 16, 2021

As we continue to trial the CM365 Online Booking System, a couple of members have been in touch about courts being booked, but members not showing up and the Lead Booker is forgetting to “Cancel” the booking!  We appreciate members feedback as we wish to maximize the court availability for all members
The courts have been particularly busy at peaks times (Monday to Thursday 6pm to 9pm) as we enjoy the long evenings and weather, members are working from home and are playing more,  round robins are in full swing, holidays and flights haven’t kicked off yet etc etc.

With the online system, we have the functionality to report on court usage, trends and cancellations which gives good oversight that we never had before.
With that in mind, if we could just again draw members attention to the following:

  • The online version gives a better overview of court availability compared to the App version.
  • The online version also has the Slot Watch feature. This is particularly useful if you are looking to book a court during peak times without success.  Just click Watch? for the relevant time and the system will email you should a court become available. We can see from our reports that courts do become available, so check the system regularly or click Watch?
  • Out of courtesy to other players –
    Only book courts for times that you have arranged a game and not potential games where you will decide at a later time and then perhaps cancel.  Cancel the court if you are not using it, regardless of the weather.
  • Members can occupy a vacant court that had been pre-booked if the Lead Booker and players have not shown up within 15 minutes.  Please drop in/phone or email the Office to let us know the relevant court booking detail so we can let the Lead Booker know they forgot to cancel their booking, thus avoid it happening again.
  • Sanctions for not cancelling a court as per the Court Booking Rules will now commence for repeat offenders.
  • Ensure the players that are on the court are those named on the court booking system as this is our Contact Tracing records.

Please take the time to read or refresh on the attached Court Booking Rules, Procedures and Advisories