Don’t Pick Your Partner 2021
Posted: October 29, 2021

Don’t Pick Your Partner (DPYP) 2021


Today we are launching the final Tennis Event for 2021, the annual Don’t Pick Your Partner.

The playing Groups for both Ladies and Men’s are available at the link below on Tournament Software.

Select your Name to see the group you are in, and the matches to be played.

Sheets will also be available on the noticeboard in the Ladies and Men’s dressing rooms in the clubhouse, where you can see your group, but also where you will enter your scores for each match. The phone numbers of all players will also be listed on the noticeboard.
Rules are available at the link above, and also on the sheets on the Noticeboard.

The first player listed in each group is requested to contact the other players in your group to organise your matches.  For Round 1 matches, you have from October 28th to November 14th to complete your 3 matches in your group.

We would encourage players to utilise the quieter playing times to get your matches played, and would suggest using Friday evenings as a “Don’t Pick Your Partner” evening.

For any queries, please contact

Best of luck to all players.
The Tennis Committee