Dublin Orthodontics Senior Spring Championships 2019 – How To Enter !!
Posted: March 11, 2019


Dublin Orthodontics Senior Spring Championships 2019

Starts on Friday 29th March and Finals Day is Saturday 13th April.


Link to enter:  Senior Spring Championships 2019


** To enter the Club Championships you need to have a Tennis Ireland Membership Login.  See below on how to register on the Tennis Ireland Tournament Software  ** 

1.  How to Register User Guide

1.1. Get a Tennis Ireland Login.(this can then be used for future events organised by CLTC etc).
Click on :http://ti.tournamentsoftware.com/member/createorganizationaccount.aspx?id=7A97D27C-2C64-4C35-9361-34C095021DAB (http://geronimo.us13.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=1eae79cb08849195b4fcbe06d&id=a2c922c0e1&e=3aa2f7893b)
1.2. Agree to rules and regulations.
1.3. Fill in Personal Information and Contact Information.
1.4. Select Province as “Leinster” and select Club as “Clontarf  LTC”.
1.5. Create login name and password (keep record of these).
1.6. Provide email details.
1.7. Submit.
1.8. You should receive email confirmation immediately.
1.9. Please click activation link in that email to activate your account.

2. How to Enter The Tournament  User Guide

You can play a maximum of 3 Events – Singles , Doubles, Mixed Doubles
(all graded, grading by Tennis Committee).

You must be available for Semi-Finals 11th & 12th April and Finals Day – 13th April 2019.

2.1 Click Senior Spring Championships 2019
2.2 Select ‘Click Here to Enter Online’.
2.3.Enter Login and Password details
2.4.Enter details of i) Non Availability, ii) Select events and iii) Add any relevant remarks.  If electing to play doubles we will pick your partner. Note, as per rules and regulations, the Tennis Committee will consider all requests for Non Availability, but cannot guarantee all requests can be met.
2.5.Read and Accept tournament regulations.
2.6.Submit entry.
2.7 Click  Make Payment via Paypal or Debit/Credit card.

Queries to tennis@clontarfltc.com
Good Luck Everyone