Fancy a YIN & Tonic!
Posted: March 4, 2019

Yin Yoga Workshop: Thursday 7 March @ 8.15pm-9.30pm

Yin Yoga for back pain and stiffness, relieves upper back knots and improves the flexibility of the Spine.

Be kind to your body offer it the remedy to the stress and busyness of life.  Grow your patience and allow your body time and space to clear your mind.

Learn to mindfully stretch and concentrate on restorative poses that target the deep connective tissue, experience increased flexibility and better joint health. Perfect complement to an active Yang (tennis) lifestyle this class will help to bring the balance back.

You will stay in each pose for between 3 and 5 mins – this can be challenging.

Spaces are limited to book text: O87-2992535 Cost €15.oo