How Phase 1 ‘Return to Play’ will operate at CLTC – update 15th May 2020
Posted: May 15, 2020

Dear Members

Next Monday 18th May marks the tentative return of tennis to our lives. It won’t be tennis in our Club as we know and love but it’s a start.

Many of you will find the restrictions imposed on you in order to play unpalatable, and I understand that. Personally, I have issues with several of the Tennis Ireland Guidelines that seem overly cautious and medically qualified and experienced club members agree with me.

I am also disappointed that governing bodies of the two resuming sports, tennis and golf are not fully aligned in their advice to their members. But it’s not our Club’s place to plough its own furrow on this one.

Despite our reservations, your Executive Committee has decided to advise all members to comply with Tennis Ireland guidance.

We have no update from Tennis Ireland regarding the discussions that were due to take place with NPHET yesterday around Over 70s play.

Therefore as of now, full details of how our Club will operate is detailed on the attached document.

I would ask you all to please read these guidelines.

However, the most important guidelines remain: Use common sense, do the things you have been doing regarding good hygiene, hand washing and social distancing. This is THE key ingredient above all.

COVID19 Phase 1 Guidelines for Players

A huge thanks my fellow Executive and COVID Committee members and to Louise, our Club Manager who worked above and beyond to devise the detail and compile the documentation. Also, thanks to Ter, Ursula, Tony O’Brien and Derek Pemberton who are all looking after preparing our Club and grounds with the various requirements needed to open the courts – designated check-in area, 2m distance markings, court sanitizers, signage, volunteers rosters etc. all of which need to be in place by 18th May. Ter has the courts in top condition. Also thank you to those that have signed up to volunteer for court check-in, aka COVID Marshalls. Without you, the courts would not be able to open.

Also, filming is also underway for a CLTC video of “Return To Play”! This will be released over the weekend.

The first phase is going to be challenging for all of us including the volunteer COVID Marshalls. Please bear with us as we work through what will be a difficult few days as we iron out the inevitable problems. We will tweak the arrangements as we learn.

Enjoy your tennis from Monday.

Garrett Connolly