How Phase 1 “Return to Play” will operate at CLTC
Posted: May 8, 2020


Brief Overview of How Phase 1
“Return To Play” will operate at CLTC !

We are waiting for Tennis Ireland to finalize guidelines. Once received, we will adapt and circulate CLTC’s Guidelines for Phase 1 “Return to Play” to all members.

Until then, below is an overview of how Phase 1 will operate –

* Only singles play. Members of the same household can play doubles.
* Private coaching can be arranged directly with the coaches, but similarly on a one-to-one basis or with the coach and 3 members of the same household.
* Members can not bring in a visitor to play or spectate.
* The Clubhouse will remain closed.
* There will be a daily Check-In desk located at the Bicycle Shed. Players can not proceed to any court without checking in and being assigned a court by our designated COVID Marshalls.

Focus Ireland - URGENT CALL-OUT FOR VOLUNTEERS Volunteers ...

Call for Volunteers / COVID Marshalls ! –
Similar to the way volunteers assist with the Club Championships, we are asking and need members to volunteer for check-in to enable the courts to open on Monday 18th May.

We regrettably will have to have this in place to ensure details of all players can be recorded for Contact Tracing and also to monitor behaviours starting off.

As golf and tennis are the first sports to resume play, we are really under scrutiny.

If we don’t have volunteers, we will not be able to have the courts open. So, we are kindly asking those who can volunteer for a 1.5 hour duration to email the day and time you are available to do so to: .

Proposed roster times Monday to Sunday are: 09:00, 10:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30, 18:00 and 19:30

* Courts will be open from 9am to appx. 9pm with no access to floodlights.

* There won’t be access to the Tennis Ball vending machine, so if you don’t have a supply perhaps consider ordering them online now. Some suggested website:, etc.

* Further updates will follow next week and check our website too.

Enjoy the sunshine and weekend

CLTC Executive and COVID19 Committees