Junior Coaching Program Parents Open Evening – 7:30pm Wed 26th Sept 
Posted: June 24, 2018

CLTC Junior Coaching Program
Parents Information Open Meeting 
7:30pm Wed 26th Sept 2018


Click the link above and login to the Members Area
using the Username  clontarfltc  ..and the old password.
or go to the DOCUMENTS area of the CLTC Website

if you don’t remember the password
TXT  085 1895758 to get it sent to you,


By enlisting children in CLTC Junior coaching Parents/Guardians are giving their consent to their child participating in a Clontarf Lawn Tennis Club tennis activity which is run in line with the Code of Ethics & Good Practice for Children’s Sport. Parents/Guardians have the responsibility to read the Clontarf Lawn Tennis Club – Child Protection Policy, and agree to abide by the guidelines as set out in it and its appendices, particularly Appendix 4, Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians


Parents/Guardians are acknowledging that the club is not responsible for providing adult supervision for a child except as set out in the club’s Child Protection Policy. Parents/Guardians have the responsibility to provide contact details to the club and undertake to inform the club of any changes to this information.