Junior Tennis Update
Posted: June 11, 2021

Core and Court for the secondary school members has received a very positive response. We hope to repeat this again next year.

Mix n Match games for the teens are underway. Don’t forget to fill in your form for round 1 and send to juniortc@clontarfltc.com  by June 13th. Round 2 for those taking part starts on the 14th June

Thanks to all those who are taking part. We would welcome any feedback on Core n Court & Mix n Match to juniortc@clontarfltc.com


We are looking for one female and one male teen 15yr or older to represent the juniors on the committee. A juniors opinion and influence at committee level would be very welcome and we think very important.  Please email interest to juniortc@clontarfltc.com

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Summer Camp which still has a few spots available and later in the summer for The Junior Championships which are scheduled for August 16th to 22nd

Junior Tennis Committee