Keep up the good work and keep us COVID free – 25.09.2020
Posted: September 25, 2020

It’s Friday, so our last bulletin of the week reminding members of the Club’s current protocols while attending the Club.   Who said Yippee?!!!

We hope members took these bulletins in the way in which they are meant…To keep members focused on the protocols and current guidelines so we can continue to all stay safe and keep attending the Club.

A reminder is attached:

As members pass through the lobby to check-in, use the changing facilities etc, they may wish to wear a mask.

Move quickly through the Lobby – completing the Check-In details:

Player 1:   Player Name and CLTC Membership No.

Player 2 to 4:   Players Names

Court No. and On/Off times

Again, thanks to the Executive Committee members that helped out with the marshalling and to all members for their co-operation and continued support.