Ladies 2018 DPYP Draws
Posted: October 19, 2018
Ladies DPYP Draws are on the club noticeboard and also under the Documents Section on website.
1. This is a doubles competition consisting of one round robin stage, followed by a knockout event. You will be assigned partners in a round robin grouping. You will play with each player in your round robin group. Players will proceed in each round based on your individual scores attained.
2. Cut off dates must be respected.  Play starts October 19th. Round finishes November 11th. Finals will be played on November 30th 2018.
3. To proceed to the knockout stages you must be available on finals night.
4. Each group leader highlighted must collect €10 from each player in the round robin group at first match and drop into the office.
5. There is no plate event.
6. Round robin matches are 15 games with first point after duece and a tie break at  7 all.
7. Please note that it is against the rules to start matches from any score other than 0-0.
8. If a draw for final places in round robin group then a raquet must be tossed to determine final order!
9. Due to time constraints no subs will be allowed once the knockout stages begin and walkovers will be given.