New Yoga Instructor at CLTC – Louise Collins (September 2019)
Posted: September 11, 2019

New term starting back for September and October 2019

Sign-up sheets on the club noticeboards or text the instructors directly.

We have a new instructor, Louise Collins starting the Monday at 7pm class from 23rd September.   €60 for six week term or €12 drop in.


See note from Louise below –

“I first began practicing yoga in my early twenties.  I noticed the benefits right away, as someone with a busy mind yoga helped me find some peace.  While moving through the postures and staying with the breadth I found my mind became quieter and more focused. 
I always ended my practice with a more relaxed outlook than when I started.  Over the years, yoga has helped me to be more aware of my body and more kind to it as well.  There are a lot of messages these days about pushing our bodies to the limits, yoga is more about
tuning in to where your body is, listening to it, and working from that point”

Quote from the Yoga Journal 

“Tennis can be taxing. With each stroke of the racket, you put great force on your shoulder, arm, and wrist. And the quick, multidimensional movements as you zigzag across the court impact your legs, hips, and spine.  A yoga practice can be an important recovery tool to stretch tight muscles, encourage tissue resiliency, and address muscle asymmetries from what’s typically a one-sided sport.”