Online Booking System – Some useful tips
Posted: December 11, 2020
Booking Courts on behalf of Family Members
Smart/CM365 have added some functionality which will be useful to Family Memberships – the Head of Family (HOF) can now make court bookings for anyone in their family:
Log in to Smart Club Cloud and enter your Username and Password.
Click “Bookings” and the option for “Booking For Family Members” will display with the members of your family listed for selection to book on behalf of.

Option to turn off Email Notifications
If you want to opt out of receiving your email notifications for booking, editing and cancelling a court, you can opt out.
On the CM365 website version, go to:
My Services
My Details
Preferences / Edit Details
Tick the Block Club Emails and Save

Reminder – because CM365 is an Advance Online Booking System, members need to make any changes to players or cancel bookings in advance / up to the time you are due on court.