Online Booking System Update 4th December
Posted: December 4, 2020

Well we are a few days in to the trial of the Online System and we just wanted to share some feedback and tips:

  • Booking a court using the “Book A Court” on displays the Calendar View which members may find more useful compared to the dropdown menus on the App.
  • We have changed the 7 Day Advance Booking so the 7th day allows bookings up to close of business on the 7th day.
  • Currently the Court Lights are free (well 01c for 30 minutes) and only one person in the group needs to come in to tap their Smart Card to active the lights.  Note cooldown on Courts 1,2,3,4,10 & 11.
  • The Lead Booker is responsible for the booking. The Lead Booker must be on court, is responsible for cancelling, editing and ensuring everyone that is part of your booking and on the court is listed for Contact Tracing purposes.
  • If the Lead Booker is amending opponents names on the App, it is clearing all previous opponents names. This is a bug and it doesn’t do this when editing the booking on the website (ie it retains the original names and waits for the specific changes)  We have raised this bug with the App as an issue with CM365 and they will fix in due course.
  • If some members names don’t appear on the list for selection, check with that member their exact name on Smart/CM365 – ie Tom/Thomas, Gerry/Gerard,  maiden /married name etc !!!

Any problems logging on, questions, queries or feedback, please email

Don’t forget, full details about the CM365 Online Booking System and the Booking Rules are on the website – link: CLTC Online Court Booking System CM365 – User Guides – Clontarf Lawn Tennis Club (