Online Court Booking System update 04.11.2020
Posted: November 5, 2020

Following on from The President’s email last week regarding trialing the Online Booking System (Club Manager 365), the Online Booking Sub Committee have commenced engagement with CM365.

There are a couple of items to be noted and checks required by members in preparation for using the Online System when it is implemented.

Every member of the Club is registered on our Smart Membership Database and has their own SmartClub Cloud Username and Password.

Most members know their own Username and Password.   However some Family Memberships may have been using just one SmartClub Cloud Username (eg the Head of Family) to top up the Smart Cards for all members within their family for Floodlights/Bar use or to book Events, such as Junior Coaching.

For Online Court Bookings, every member will need to know and use their own SmartClub Username and Password when booking a court, as their own name must be the name that appears on the booking.

Therefore the actions required by members now in preparation for the online system are:

SmartClub Username and Password

Do you know your SmartClub Username and Password (including every member of your family)?

The Smart Username is normally made up of your Christian Name, Surname and CLTC Membership Number – eg   john.smith.1234

If you don’t know it, please email  and your Username and a Temporary Password will be emailed to you.   Once you receive the Temporary Password email, you will need to log on to SmartClub Cloud
and replace it with your own Password within 24 hours.

Email Address

Once you book (or cancel) a court, or another members books a court and you are included in the booking, all players will receive an email notification of the booking (incl. time, court number and players).

Therefore, all members email addresses will need to be correct.   Please check your own “Profile” details within your SmartClub Cloud A/c to ensure the system has the correct email address for you and edit if necessary.

Scan the other personal details also to ensure we have correct address, DOB, mobile no. etc

For Family Memberships, the Head of Family can update profile/contact details for all members of their family under “Memberships”.


Thank you for your co-operation and we will keep you updated on developments.