Pilates and Yoga Classes – September 2018
Posted: August 30, 2018

PILATES and YOGA classes will be commencing on w/c 09 September and runs until

27 October 2018.                     The 7 week term costs €70 .

Sign up sheet on noticeboard (opposite lights meters).

 Instructor:                                       Yoga/Pilates:          Day and Time:

Cathy Marren                                  Yoga                         Monday @ 10:15am

Helen Mooney                                 Yoga                         Tuesday @ 10:30am &

                                                                                               Thursday @ 20.15pm

Aisling Guirke                                 Iyengar Yoga       Sunday @ 7pm

Lynsey Sharp                                  Pilates                     Mondays @ 7pm and 8:15pm

                                                                                               Wednesdays @ 9:30am

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