September 2021 – Term 1 Coaching
Posted: July 26, 2021




  • Term commences week of 13th September and will run for 12 weeks with a break for mid-term, week of 25th October when there will be no classes
  • Bookings can be made from Sunday 1st August at 9am on
  • Your booking can be made via your / your child’s Smart Club Cloud Account, please select COACHING where you will be booking your CLASS DURATION.  Classes will remain the same day and time as last term unless your coach has been in touch directly
  • If your child has more than one class per week, please select the class duration and not the week’s full duration i.e. if your child attends 2 x 1-hour classes per week, please book 2 x 1 hour classes and not 2 hour class duration
  • Discount of 10% will be applied for spends of €200 and over for all bookings made before Friday 3rd September.  For multiple family bookings please ensure to book under your HEAD OF FAMILY to secure the relevant discount
  • If you are unsure who is HEAD OF FAMILY please contact
  • As you are probably aware we have quite a waitlist for new Junior members so please do not assume that spots will be ‘held’, you must book and pay for classes online to secure your place
  • Rainy days & bad weather :   If classes are cancelled, you will be notified directly by email by noon on the day of your child’s class and/or WhatsApp message from your child’s coach.  Notices will also be posted on the Junior News section of the club website and our Facebook page.  The Club Website and Facebook page are updated regularly
  • If your child is seriously ill or injured and has missed several classes, please notify the office or your child’s coach.  We will endeavour to refund on receipt of a medical note / certificate from your medical practitioner.  For any Covid related illnesses please follow the Club Guidelines and contact the office
  • As all classes will have been allocated their various pods, it is not possible for your child to ‘make up’ a class on alternative days if they are unable to attend their class on a specific week
  • All classes cancelled by the club will be made up at the end of term at a time agreed by the coach
  • Please ensure to read the Covid-19 Self Screening Guidelines which are available to view when you are making your booking
  • When attending coaching we would ask you to follow the Club Guidelines for Covid-19 which are updated regularly on the Club Website


If you have any queries please email