Smart Card / Floodlights and Bar Tills Upgrade – Update 12 April 2019
Posted: April 12, 2019

Smart Card – Floodlights and Bar Tills Upgrade

  • Just following on from the email sent to members on 3rd April, the upgrade of our existing court floodlight meters to the Smart Club Cloud controlled court lighting system is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 23rd April 2019. The paper cards that are currently used for floodlighting will become obsolete.

As part of this upgrade, new bar tills will be installed and members should use their Smart Access Cards at the bar to avail of the members reduced bar prices.

Once members have topped up their Smart Access Cards online, payment for the floodlights or bar will be deducted once the card is swiped or tapped. If a shortfall arises at the bar, the balance may be paid in cash or members can simply go online on their mobile devices and top up their Smart Club Cloud Account.

Those who don’t present their Smart Access Cards at the bar will be charged the standard bar prices.

So the actions required by members in advance of 23rd April 2019 are

  •  Top Up your own Smart Club Cloud Account.
       See link to Tip Sheet below for how to Top Up

         Smart Card Top Up Tip Sheet

  • Make sure you are using your own Smart Access Card.
  • If you need to order a replacement card, email the office on