Speed Gun Challenge Charity Event
Posted: November 8, 2021

On Saturday November 20th, we will be holding a Charity Event in Clontarf LTC in aid of the Jack and Jill Foundation.

We will have 2 challenges for players to take part in.

1.  Speed Gun Challenge
Do you think you can serve as fast Serena or Zverev?
Or are you just curious about how fast your own serve actually is?
  • For a donation of €5, each player will have 3 serves.
  • Our Speed Gun will measure the speed of each serve.
  • The fastest serve will win a prize.
  • The serve must land “In” to be deemed a valid qualifying serve.
  • We will have separate competitions for Females and Males.
  • Juniors are also welcome and encouraged to participate
  • We will use Court 3 as our ‘Show Court’, with the Balcony available for Supporters to spectate.
  • Courts 1 and 2 can be used for players to practice!!
  • Tennis Balls for this Challenge will be sponsored by JC Tennis
2.  Poc Fada
How far can you hit it??
  • For a donation of €5, each player will get 3 shots to see who can hit it the furthest.
  • Shots must be hit from behind the baseline on Court 4 and aim towards Court 10.
  • Each player’s ball will be marked with their initial.
  • Wherever the ball first bounces will be deemed as the distance achieved.
  • Player with the longest shot will win a prize!
For both events above, Players can register and pay/donate in person on the day on Courts 3 and 4

All Funds from these events will be donated to the Jack and Jill Foundation

Spectators can also make donations on the day if they wish