Times Up!
Posted: July 16, 2021


Well it’s almost 3 years since I stepped into the CLTC Club Manager role. Similar to our beloved game, my hour is almost up and I just wanted to say a few words on my departure.

Myself and Ursula started on Monday 30th July 2018 and we were greeted  by Vinny, Trevor and Angela in the temporary Office, now The 1887!

Myself and Ursula often reminisce about that day and the challenge that soon evolved! A huge thanks to Vinny, Trevor and Angela for their time and support then and that support has always remained.

I want to personally thank Ursula for embracing that challenge with me and for all her hard work. The restructure of the Office and Club Operations has already been noted as a huge success.

Over the past 3 years, the Club has seen many changes, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the good will of our members.

It is the Club’s real strength and reason for our success. Whether it’s the volunteers on our many committees, in the bar, on our house + grounds or as Covid Marshalls etc, those volunteers make the Club.

The long list of people wishing to join CLTC demonstrates how good our reputation is in the community.

No doubt, all are eager to sign up for Tony, Jim and Eva’s New Members Night too!

Thanks to Ter, Martina and H+G Officer Tony for keeping the Club in great shape and for all their hard work.

I will miss the daily interaction with coaches Alan, Donal, Fiona and Lisa and the heartening sound of our juniors having fun on court.

I mentioned Committees and I particularly wanted to thank the  Executive Committee members, Trustees and Officers that I have worked with.

A special thanks to Presidents Vinny and Garrett who I worked closely with and also more recently with Vice President Karen.

Thanks to one and all for their support to me and all you do for the Club.

Thanks for the opportunity. It was a pleasure.

I wish the Club and everyone continued success, health and happiness.