Your invitation to write a Short Story
Posted: April 24, 2020

Alan, our leader of coaching, has been working harder than he ever did before C19 – organizing junior challenges, virtual coaching, fundraising for St Francis Hospice and his infamous online comedy routines which continue to amaze (in one way or another!)  

But perhaps his best idea is an invitation to all members to take a little time to write a short story about our club.

The title is ‘What tennis and my club means to me’ but in reality, the title can be interpreted creatively. What is your favourite ‘thing’ about the club, your favourite memory, the club activity you enjoy most? It might be burgers on the balcony, hitting out with your kids on a sunny Sunday afternoon, sipping a pint with your tennis buddies after your regular weekly game, the Legends gigs – its up to you.

Be creative – keep it shortish, no minimum but say of max around 200 words. Photos can be added either with your submission or later when restrictions are eased.

If we can get sufficient numbers and quality it would be our intention to collate into a little ‘momento booklet’ which will be available to buy with all proceeds to St Francis Hospice.

So – let those creative juices flow, summon up your family muse and get musing

Send your Short Story to us at BEFORE 04th May 

Remember you can still donate to St. Francis Hospice by using the link below