Padel Tennis at CLTC
Posted: 06/10/2024

Thank you to all the members who voted in the poll regarding Padel Tennis at the Club

The results of the poll was as follows

Total Valid Electorate   964

Total Votes Cast           573

Votes to Approve        420

Votes to Not Approve  153

On the basis of this outcome, the Executive Committee will instruct the Padel Sub Committee to continue assessment of Padel Tennis in CLTC to include advancing with the necessary planning process,  assessment of noise and obtaining detailed quotations for the installation in the location of Court 10.

The Executive Committee will bring the outcome of the work of the Padel Sub Committee to the members for consideration at a future date.

A copy of the updated Q&As and the sub committee presentation is available in links below

Padel SubCommittee Member Slides May 2024_

CLTC Padel Tennis QA – 1 June 2024